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Tweet I have an old. It was in pretty rough shape, with the stock all beat up and most of the stock finish gone. But although it was an ugly duckling, I kind of like ugly ducklings, as I like to turn them into swans. It is a Remington Model , Targetmaster. It is a single shot, bolt action,. I took it apart and cleaned it up and refinished the stock. It turned out pretty nice. I mounted a Tasco 3 X 9 scope on it and it works great.

7 Ways to Adapt your Shotgun for Self-Defense

Marshal witness protection shotgun is based on a Remington not a Mossberg Reply Link John Donovan December 4, , 7: That red dot allows us to consistently blow the center out of a target at 10 yards. Charles December 4, , 7: Reply Link Frank December 4, , 6:

Commemorative Edition gauge celebrating years of Remington pump shotguns (dating from introduction of Model 10 in ). Introduced in Offered only for one year. Gold-inlaid logos on both sides of receiver and “B” Grade American walnut stock, .

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Date coded IG which is This is the semi auto version of the famous MP5 submachine gun made by the original manufacturer. It features a 30 round detachable magazine, a retractable stock, and a barrel shroud with a vertical fore grip.

Feb 03,  · Remington’s dating service accuracy is far from perfect. They told me two of mine did not exist. The last straw for me was when a Model Ducks Unlimited gun was listed on GunBroker with a factory letter stating it was a “dinner gun”.

Scrap it and buy a new , like a Rem can’t be repaired? Geez, someone on the Internet isn’t giving good advice. Must be a French fashion model or something. Find the instruction to pull the barrel and drop the bolt out into your hand. First order of business is cleaning the bolt face and extractor, and cleaning the chamber thoroughly. Not just cloth and solvent, use a brass not stainless steel!!!

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The Winchester Model , also known as the Model 97, M97, or Trench Gun, was a pump-action shotgun with an external hammer and tube magazine manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The Model was an evolution of the Winchester Model designed by John Browning.

The Dream is that everyone is in the same location and ready to go when the balloon goes up. These factors complicate and unravel any good bug-out plan. Even the most decorated combat veteran will feel the gut wrenching pain when they realize that loved ones are possibly far away and unreachable if a sudden event arises. Communication or a complete understanding of when and where to meet will be required to keep order.

If funds dictate the purchase of small HAM hand held radios for each member, then by all means do so. The first route will be for an early bug-out, when the timing is perfect and all the roads will still be open, as mass panic has not ensued. These should still detail driving around major cities but not smaller towns , as there is no reason to drive right back into a possible hot zone you have just left.

Although this is a plan that may not ever be used, having it in place is required. The second route plan will detail how not only to avoid all major metropolitan areas but must circumvent smaller cities and towns, especially those with bridges and tunnels that cross key terrain water, mountains and gorges. No matter where you live and your intended route, there will be at least one bridge.

A Non-NFA 14” Shotgun? The Mossberg Shockwave 12 Ga. – Full Review.

Home Reviews Shotgun Duckbill Review: These were the pre-internet days and you frequently discovered things you never knew existed in the pages of a book. In this book, Chief Watson would often talk about the pistol grip Ithaca 37 with duckbill attachment he carried in Vietnam. The duckbill Watson used was made by the Navy in Crane. They worked well, but would fail and crack over time leading to the incorporation of a steel ring at the front of the bills see image below.

The U.S. Marshal witness protection shotgun is based on a Remington not a Mossberg This grip style can be found on flint lock fire arms dating back years or so. Are we going to bash this (smaller) shotgun manufacturer for taking credit for a + year old design?.

Remington Express 20 gauge? Thu Jan 09, 9: Wed Feb 27, 6: The problem is the quality control they are currently employing or lack thereof. Barrels don’t mate up cleanly to the stocks, sights can be off, fixed forearms can slide forward under recoil, ad infinitum. Go to you local LGS and look at a new Rem. The wood stock where it mates to the receiver protrudes on each side, and the area where you grip the stock is so short, I thought it must have designed for a Winchester with the forward safety.

Note I have been a Rem.

The Gut Wrenching Reality: One of the Best Bug-Out Strategy Guides You’ll Ever Read

In the course of researching these things, I got seduced a few days ago at Academy into buying a clone of the Remington , the IAC Hawk It’s made in China yuck! The length-of-pull trigger to buttpad is slightly shorter at While I preferred the winged front-sight of the Stevens, I finally decided on the Hawk for 2 reasons: The Stevens is a clone of the Ithaca 37, which ejects its shells downwards, not out the side.

Great for lefties – but prevents me from using a favorite technique, port-loading, where I can swap out a load by slapping say, a slug, into the ejection-port.

It is a Remington Model , Targetmaster. It is a single shot, bolt action, rimfire rifle. I took it apart and cleaned it up and refinished the stock.

Remington’s Manufacturing Date Codes Posted: Sat Dec 11, 6: Mon May 19, 8: Williamsburg, Virginia All of the above is true,and as noted with shotguns the serial number is a real key in determining if the barrel even could be original. A lot of people don’t realize just how prevalent barrel swapping is, but just as an example I have 5 Remington shotguns and 10 barrels, and I only have the one choke tubed barrel for the I know which barrel was original with what, but depending on how they are assembled when I die, I wouldn’t place a lot of bets on how some of them get sold And, Remington’s friendly “call them and they will tell you when it was made” service is highly unreliable in my opinion.

I know of three flat out wrong answers they have given out, and they say one of my guns doesn’t even exist – a 5 digit Model

Gun Review: Hi-Point JHP .45 ACP

Same as riot gun but with heat shield, bayonet lug, and sling swivels Original Prices Edit When the Model was first introduced, the price depended upon what grade was being purchased and what features were being added to that specific gun. The more expensive grades of the Model were the standard, trap, pigeon, and tournament grades. These were the grades that were normally equipped with an engraved receiver and with checkered, finer wood.

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Gun Review: Remington RM380

Also some letters were left out if there was a chance of misidentifying a date. Also they jockeyed year letters to a new starting point in If you find marks on the underside of the barrel, they will more than likely be fitters or assembly marks, which mean nothing as to dating the firearm. To find general manufacturing dates it may be best to go to the Blue Book of Gun Values, which does give manufacturing dates of most models.

An issue that people need to be aware of, is that many Remington firearms such as the series of shotguns can have their barrels easily changed or replaced. So, if the barrel is not original to the specific firearm in question the date code may be meaningless.

[Archive] Not sure what model or brand of Shotgun you have? Not sure of a Shotgun’s value? Post it here and let the Shotgun Forum’s community help! Shotgun Forums > Shotgun Forum Remington special field. Unknown double barrel; Parker Brothers Makers side by side – Help with Remington dating? Need help identifying an old.

Posted on Saturday, January 21, by Butch C. Me, I was raised in a very small town that backed up to a state forest so pretty much every family had at least a couple of guns. I recall sitting at my kitchen table eating breakfast and hearing gunshots from hunters who were clearly not very far away. I never thought this was unusual nor was it any reason for alarm.

I simply wondered if someone had just nailed a large buck or was just shooting at cans out in a nearby field. And so it is that my friends who are less acquainted with firearms come to ask me my advice.

Remington 870 DM Review – The Holy Grail of Pump Shotguns?

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