Plain White T’s to appear on ‘iCarly’


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Sighting: Plain White T’s frontman ready for night at the zoo

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Oct 30,  · Did the Plain White T"s get a new singer? I was watching the music vid for Rhythm of Love and a blonde dude was singing, not the usual one with dark hair. The guy didn"t feature in it Status: Resolved.

And if while starring on that reality show your band mate can find true love, well, that’s a bonus. Just ask the Plain White T’s. Though the show has been yanked off the schedule, which Tim calls “a bummer,” he reveals that there’s a happy ending for him: It’s a great show. He says they were intrigued by having a actual touring musician as one of the three contestants, and Eva liked him, so he was in. As for why he wanted to do it, Tim says the prospect of having women hand-selected just for him by three super high-end matchmakers was way too tempting to turn down.

But how did the rest of the Plain White T’s react when Tim asked them to put their music on hold for three months while he taped the show? Well, at first, they were a little wary. But in the end it was Tim’s decision. Now, though, Tim says, “I get stopped all the time now, mainly because they’ve seen me on the show, but they’re always like, ‘You’re in the Plain White T’s! Can we get a photo? One of the songs, “Haven’t Told Her,” is all about Tim’s new reality-show love, who’ll remain anonymous until the show’s final episode is released.

Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah Video

Gallery images iRue the Day is the eleventh episode of the first season of iCarly. It marks the second appearance of Nevel Papperman. Contents [ show ] Plot When Spencer saves the life of the lead singer of the Plain White T’s , their manager sets up a performance for iCarly. Unfortunately, their website is hacked by Nevel Papperman , who tries to ruin their website in revenge for Carly refusing to kiss him in the episode iNevel.

In one of the more bizarre TV show concepts, the hit song ‘Hey There Delilah’ is being transmuted for the small screen. Performed by The Plain White T’s and released back in , this lyrical.

Sailing through the questions thankfully he got the Keith Moon question right , he got right to the final chase. Sensible Pencils indeed – it’s a brilliant name. The music world lost one of its greatest songwriters yesterday Monday when rock legend Tom Petty died of a heart attack at the age of The loss was felt all over social media, where fans and fellow musicians paid heartfelt tributes to the singer whose prolific career spanned decades.

My band Backwater had a gig booked for 8th Oct. However, posters sent with usual note to confirm gig – no reply Rang landline – dead. Rang mobile I had for contact – voicemail and no response to texts. Our bass player Google mapped it and it was showing as closed. Have accepted it’s closed short of visiting the premises but just in case any other bands have gigs lined up they’ll want to know I’m sure.

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Lead singer and songwriter Tom Higgenson collaborated with writer Jeremy Desmon and Lively McCabe’s Michael Barra to come up with the concept of the show, which will elaborate on the long.

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Plain White T’s (read as “plain white tees”) are an American rock band from Lombard, Illinois, formed in by high school friends Tom Higgenson, Dave Tirio and Ken Fletcher. They were joined a short time later by Steve : Pop punk, pop rock, emo, alternative rock, indie rock.

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Why did the Plain White T’s get a new singer?

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The Plain White T’s member married his girlfriend Jenna Reeves in front of family and friends Saturday night, his rep confirmed to E! News. News. The intimate ceremony was held at the Santa.

Formed in by high school friends Tom Higgenson, Dave Tirio, and Ken Fletcher, the group had a mostly underground following in Chicago basements, clubs, and bars in its early years, and underwent numerous personnel changes. The band is best known for the number-one hit song “Hey There Delilah”, which achieved platinum status in and earned two Grammy nominations, as well as “1, 2, 3, 4” and “Rhythm of Love”, which were certified platinum in and , respectively.

The group began as a trio, with Higgenson as singer and guitarist, Fletcher on bass and Tirio on drums. They played mostly local punk shows around Chicago’s suburbs, eventually landing gigs at the famed Metro in Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood. As the band began to establish itself in the local scene, they recruited a fourth member, Steve Mast, who joined playing lead guitar and singing backup vocals. Higgenson suffered a car crash in , breaking several vertebrae in the accident, while driving the band’s van.


Plain White T’s are testament to this, who four albums into their career, took over airwaves with ‘Hey There Delilah’ and have been riding of the crest of that wave ever since. This release is the follow-up to ‘s ‘Every Second Counts’. Having finally made a mainstream breakthrough, it would have been easy for this quintet to take the easy route and stick to solely to the formula which brought them success. Whilst not a complete departure from the pop-rock of their previous album, ‘Big Bad World’ does seem expanding their soundscape, most obviously on ‘Serious Mistake’ which takes a big band styling.

The title track is rhythm-heavy and bounces along inoffensively, topped off with a touch of brass, while ‘Rainy Day’ is a passable formulaic ballad complete with sweeping strings.

In , Plain White T’s released the song “The Rhythm of Love,” featuring lead vocals from guitarist Tim Lopez.

A friend introduced Higgenson to his muse five years ago. After meeting Delilah Di Crescenzo in , lead singer Tom Higgenson was smitten by the runner and promised a song in her honor. Then, in , I finally made the World Championship team in the meter steeplechase, but I had to withdraw because of a stress fracture in my hip. In her own words, Di Crescenzo describes how the song changed her life and affected her career.

It means something to everybody — especially for anybody who ever yearned for someone. I really broke out that May, when I finally achieved the Olympic Trials — the meter steeplechase. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been training to make our team again for the World Cross Country Championships in Poland. But I thought it was smooth.

November 19, 2008

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After meeting Delilah DiCrescenzo in , lead singer Tom Higgenson was smitten by the runner and promised a song in her honor. What they received in return was the No. 1 song in America, two.

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Plain White T’s Tim Lopez Marries Jenna Reeves

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