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Oil on board, x 88 cm. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Compositional lines, sometimes referred to as implied lines, some examples of which have already been discussed above, are imaginary lines that are perceived as connecting two or more different lines, guiding the viewer’s eye in and around the composition. Compositional lines can be both straight and curved. In almost every picture, Vermeer used compositional lines to unite distinct elements and imbue the picture with a greater sense of purpose. Vermeer’s late The Astronomer provides an interesting example of how the compositional line may be used as a structural and expressive tool. The horizontal line that represents the illuminated edge of the windowsill extends to the right connecting with the horizontal stand of the globe. This line is continued by the upper edge of the figures ‘s extended arm and is finally picked up on the other side of the composition by the lower edge of the picture-within-a-picture. This imaginary line gives abstract structure to the composition and brings key elements of the picture into geometrical relation: It is probably not coincidental that the same compositional line passes very near the vanishing point of the perspective , bonding, as the artist had already done in Woman Holding a Balance , the fundamental, but conflicting realities of the picture: Confraternity Confraternities religious brotherhoods were secular groups who came together in order to pursue penitential charitable works.

D kohlbergs approach is biased against women and

The United States has always been a multi-racial and multi-ethnic society, and its pluralism is increasing. We have made great strides over the years in overcoming the legacies of slavery, racism, ethnic intolerance, and destructive laws, policies, and practices relating to members of racial and ethnic minorities. We recognize, however, that the path toward racial equality has been uneven, racial and ethnic discrimination still persists, and much work remains to meet our goal of ensuring equality for all.

is approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. maintains responsibility for this program and its content. , provider #, is approved as a provider for social work continuing education by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) , through .

Using a web-based patient-provider messaging system to enhance patient satisfaction among active duty sailors and marines seen in the psychiatric outpatient clinic: Nursing Clinics of North America. Jan ;49 1 , Invisible communities of dying children and their loved ones. Palliative and Supportive Care.

Communicating risk with relatives in a familial hypercholesterolemia cascade screening program: A summary of the evidence. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. Student insights regarding a new DNP program. A Clinical Journal for NPs. Registered nurses are delaying retirement, a shift that has contributed to recent growth in the nurse workforce. August ;33 8 , The rapid growth of graduates from associate, baccalaureate and graduate programs in nursing.

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Learning Objectives This is an intermediate level course. After completing this course, mental health professionals will be able to: Briefly discuss the history and prevalence of ADHD in adults. Critically analyze the current DSM-5 criteria as they may be applied to adult diagnosis. Explain the important role of clinical judgment in the evaluation of ADHD in adults.

List four impairments that ADHD can produce in the major life activities of adults. Discuss two treatment implications based on current research. What the Science Says New York: The materials in this course are based on the most accurate information available to the author at the time of writing. The scientific literature on ADHD grows daily, and new information may emerge that supersedes these course materials.

This course will equip clinicians to have a basic understanding of the history and diagnosis of ADHD and associated impairments in major life activities. Far less information exists concerning the history of ADHD in adults, largely because ADHD was widely held to be a disorder strictly of childhood for most of the past century.

While popular interest in the possibility that adults can have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD most likely originated with the bestseller, Driven to Distraction, published in by psychiatrists Edward Hallowell and John Ratey, clinical and scientific papers acknowledging the existence of an adult version of this disorder date back at least 50 years and possibly even two centuries ago.

Weikard was a prominent German physician who described symptoms of distractibility, poor persistence, impulsive actions, and inattention more generally in both adults and children.

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Originally recorded on 7 sound discs and 1 compact disc. Reformatted in as 14 digital wav files. Duration is 7 hrs. Cary Cordova is an art historian from Austin, Tex. Provenance This interview is part of the Archives of American Art Oral History Program, started in to document the history of the visual arts in the United States, primarily through interviews with artists, historians, dealers, critics and administrators.

The Space Wolves, known in their own dialect of Juvjk as the Vlka Fenryka or “Wolves of Fenris,” are one of the original 20 First Founding Space Marine Chapters, and were once led by their famed Primarch, Leman Russ. Originally the VI Legion of Astartes raised by the Emperor at the dawn of the.

Learning Objectives This is a beginning to intermediate level course. After completing this course, mental health professionals will be able to: Outline the history of ADHD as a mental disorder. Describe the core symptoms of ADHD. Discuss associated impairments and comorbid psychiatric disorders. Explain the typical developmental course and demographic distribution of ADHD.

Discuss the various etiologies that contribute to the development of ADHD. Apply a theoretical model of executive function and self-regulation to the clinical management of ADHD. The materials in this course are based on the most accurate information available to the author at the time of writing. The field of ADHD grows daily, and new information may emerge that supersedes these course materials.

Underage Dating: The Elephant in the Social Conservative Living-Room

SHARE Take a large piece of paper and make at least three columns, each headed with the name of a previous love or important person in your life. If there aren’t three people in your past who fit, you might specify a might-have-been who captured your imagination like “my seatmate on the airplane to New York” or “my chiropractor’s tennis partner.

What can you learn from your own history about whom and where to seek and who and what looks prudent to avoid? Where and how did you meet? The reason for researching where you have met other important people in your life is obvious when you have just had a failed relationship or might be in the market for a new one. If all your relationships began when you were in school and you’re about to face the 20th anniversary of your graduation, you might begin by seeking another resource pool as productive as campus life, or start now making plans to attend your class reunion.

CIAMSS recognizes the importance of students having the opportunity to reflect on their own individual learning and growth processes. Planned time is structured into each course of study .

Any interest in thedifferential effects of early experiences of the infant,of child-rearing practices, of peer group influences,in sum, of any of the factors which mayshape the configuration of behaviors that is consideredto be personality, directs us to the subjectarea of social development. Interest in this area is probably as old as almostany other human concern and is portrayed throughoutwritten history. It is documented in Biblicalaccounts, the works of philosophers, autobiographies,and treatises on child-rearing practices.

With the developmentof scientific methods for studying humanbehavior, investigators have increasingly turnedtheir attention to exploring all aspects of socialbehavior and how it develops. Methods employed to study socialApproaches. Methods employed to study socialdevelopment are to a great extent determined bythe questions the investigator asks and includealmost all the techniques which have ever beenused in psychological research. The approachesrange from experimental to correlational, longitudinalto cross-sectional, and comprise case studies,normative and descriptive studies, small samplecomparisons within a limited social group,cross-cultural analyses of many primitive societies,interviews and questionnaires, direct observations,etc.

An excellent discussion of the many differentapproaches is provided by John Anderson Currently, an increasing interest in methods andtechniques per se parallels an increasing sophisticationamong investigators regarding the strengthsand weaknesses of these methods and the modificationsrequired when employing them with groupsdiffering in important respects, such as age, socialbackground, and race. In this interest inmethod was manifested when the Committee onChild Development of the National Academy ofSciences-National Research Council sponsored thepublication of a collection of papers presentingwhat was considered the wisdom of expert investigators,gained over years of using these methods Mussen This awareness of the need for careful assessment of the appropriateness of atechnique to be applied to the questions, subjects,and inferences under investigation is a healthysign.

Publication of books and papers which focuson critical and frequent foibles in the use of certainapproaches and methods stimulates concernwith and creative use of old and new techniques. Historical perspective Geneticism and environmentalism One of the earliest controversies about the different factors involved in development was concerned with the relative impact on behavior of genetic endowment and environmental influences.

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A more flexible representation of substantive theory. Psychological Methods, 17, Click “”download paper”” below for the latest version of October 21, Download the 2nd version dated April 14, Click here to view the seven web tables referred to in the paper and here to view Mplus inputs, data, and outputs used in this version of paper.

Frequently in my early teaching career, I taught a computer literacy course. In this course I taught my student that a computer is a machine for the input, storage, processing, and output of information.

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Uterine Rupture in Pregnancy

Media images of STEM professionals may be important sources of information about STEM and may be particularly salient and relevant for girls during adolescence as they actively consider future personal and professional identities. This article describes gender-stereotyped media images of STEM professionals and examines theories to identify variables that explain the potential influence of these images on STEM identity formation.

Introduction Media images of STEM science, technology, engineering, and mathematics professionals have varied over the years — from mad scientists to absent-minded professors to brilliant geniuses to maniacal villains to socially awkward loners to life-saving heroes. Many of these images of scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians, however, have presented what has been described as a public image problem for STEM Congressional Commission on the Advancement of Women and Minorities in Science Engineering and Technology Development, An article in Science noted:

JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.

Michael Barbee 81 Miss. The results show that the neuropsychological aspects deserve greater attention in temporal lobe epileptic patients in general and in those epileptic patients receiving non-monotherapy especially on Phenobarbital. The level of driving skill of well-treated idiopathic generalized epileptic patients was similar to that of normal drivers. Bard Jennifer S. But we consider less often is how difficult it is evaluate our own memories for accuracy. The song referenced in the title of this article concerns a conversation about two lovers describing their first meeting – in all good faith both remember it quite differently.

Yet the quest to know the thoughts of others as well as identify when we are being deliberately deceived has encouraged the application of newly developed technologies to the task of reading minds. This article takes a new approach to considering the prospect of mind reading technology in that it reviews the claims made by those selling access to thoughts in light of the current cognitive understanding about human memory which requires us to retire the heuristic of the brain as a camera.

It then links the current understanding of memory with the strong criticisms made by the Innocence Project and others seeking to overturn wrongful convictions about the misuse and over-reliance on eye-witness testimony which also is based on a misunderstanding of the inherent unreliability of memory.

examining adolescent dating patterns falls under the study of development

The International History Project Date: Archaeology studies past human behavior through the examination of material remains of previous human societies. These remains include the fossils preserved bones of humans, food remains, the ruins of buildings, and human artifacts—items such as tools, pottery, and jewelry. From their studies, archaeologists attempt to reconstruct past ways of life.

Archaeology is an important field of anthropology, which is the broad study of human culture and biology. Archaeologists concentrate their studies on past societies and changes in those societies over extremely long periods of time.

cardiac output increases by 30% (from L/min to L/min) mild reduction in systolic blood pressure (increased differential arterial blood pressure.

Collins “If I do not provide sufficient care for my infant early on, then she will have a lot of problems later in life. She wants to make sure that she does not jeopardize the health of her baby. When she sees her first alligator, she says to her father, “Look at the big fish! After some deliberation, Little Alicia decides that some creatures that swim in the water are not fish. You try it again three months later, and now he laughs and enjoys the game, trying to uncover your face with his hands.

Your baby has now developed represent the world with words and images Your child has entered the stage Piaget called preoperational. Which of these do you now expect your child to be able to do? In Freud’s theory, conflicts and their resolution revolve more around early family relationships, while in Erikson’s theory, they revolve more around relationships with both family and society.

Which of the following is NOT one of the major differences between Erikson’s theory and Freud’s theory? The child reasons that the stealing behavior is acceptable because it is what his friends expect of him. Kohlberg’s approach is a justice perspective while Gilligan’s is a care perspective Larry and Carol are tested twice on moral reasoning. When Kohlberg’s measures are used, Carol gets a lower score than Larry.

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In this case, property damage meant that the crime was not legally recognized as damaging to the victim, but instead to her father or husband’s property. Therefore, by definition a husband could not rape his wife. Legal perspectives changed gradually; all fifty U. No such concept exists in the law of some jurisdictions. The families that arranged the marriage guarantee her permanent consent.

The Myth Of White Privilege – Many white Americans are living with the fear that they didn’t really deserve their success, and that maybe luck and privilege had more to do with it, than brains and hard work.

My primary research interests include 1 how motivational alignment influences learning, and 2 how individuals recall, understand, and apply statistical information in their day-to-day lives, and 3 the study of methods used to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of program evaluation and research designs. Since graduating, I have interned in the Lab for Child Development at Johns Hopkins University and spent a year as a research assistant on a self-regulation project at Penn State University.

When I’m not in the lab, you can find me reading, writing, watching melodramatic tv shows, and hanging with my two awesome and sweet kitties! There, I developed a passion for social justice issues. I am extremely excited to contribute full time to a lab dedicated to furthering domestic violence research. In the future, I hope to pursue graduate studies in order to serve under-privileged populations. I am very excited to be a member of a team comprised of such talented and dynamic individuals.

In the future, I hope to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, eating, hiking, and stopping dogs on the street to pet them. There I worked closely with families from diverse backgrounds who were impacted by violent and traumatic events. I hope to one day continue my studies at the doctoral level to pursue a degree in Clinical Psychology.

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